Reinstatement Work

Reinstatement work of offices and companies by professional contractors is necessary by the expiry of the company’s lease period or moving to a new office space. 


At IPRO, we listen, discuss and work with our customer and interior designer closely to deliver happy and satisfying results.

Our Reinstatement Work includes:

→ Demolition of wall/ floor, remove and disposal of block wall and partition.

→ Hacking and disposal of floor finishes such as carpet, tiles, timber flooring and etc.

→ Removal of ceiling 

→ Removal and relocate electrical wiring, power points and lightings.

→ Removal and Disposal of Built-in Carbinets, furniture, tables, chairs and etc

→ Dismantle and removal of Air Conditioning, mechanical ventilation, fire sprinkle, mechanical equipment and etc

→ Dismantle and removal of Doors, mechanical structure, staircase and etc