Pipe Freezing

Pipe Freezing is a method of isolating or closing the inside diameter of pipe for maintenance or repair purpose. To accomplish the freeze, cryogenic heat exchanger ("Jacket") is placed around the pipe and cryogenic liquid circulating through vein in jacket.


Once the freeze is achieved the "Ice Plug"  has the capability to withstand very high differential pressure and provide a reliable isolation that is extremely effective and allow maintenance and repair works to be completed without a full drain down.

Pipe Freezing is widely acknowledge as a safe, reliable and high cost effective method for temporary pipeline isolation and offer numbers of various benefit which are:

→ No drainage of  liquid medium required

→ Cut losses on expensive liquid medium

→ Time and Cost saving

→ No damage on existing pipeline and widely used across different industry

IPRO Engineering proud to deliver high quality Pipe Freezing services with professional advice and supports.

Our Pipe Freezing Capabilities:

→ Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloy, Copper Pipe, Ductile and Cast iron pipe

→ Pipe Diameter: Up to 20 inch

→ Pipe Medium: Chilled Water, Condenser Water and various water based medium

→ Operation Pressure: Up to 5,000 psi

→ Operation Temperature: Up to 70°C

→ Industry: Building, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Semi-Conductor, Green Room, Food Industry and etc

→ Region: Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia