Leak Repair

Leaks are threatening to life, properties, environment and can be expensive. Shutting down system to repair the leak can be expensive and time consuming.

Every leak is unique. In IPRO Engineering, we analyse pipe leaks from Pipe Medium, Temperature, Pressure, Material and Environment to seal the leak in below several methods without the need of shutting down whole system:

→ Composite Leak Repair

→ Online Leak Sealing 

→ Mechanical Clamp type Repair

→ Composite Reinforcement 

IPro Engineering proud to deliver high quality Leak Repair and Reinforcement services with professional advice and supports.

Our Leak Repair and Reinforcement Capabilities:

→ Repair Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel alloy, Copper Pipe, GRP, FRP, Ductile and Cast iron pipe

→ Industry: Building, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Semi-Conductor, Green Room, Food Industry and etc

→ Region: Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia