Hot and Cold Tapping

Hot and Cold Tapping also refer to pressure tapping, is one of the technique to attach a branch connection to existing piping or pressure vessels while the system is in services. Hot/ Cold Tapping allow adding connection without depressurization or disruption of process operations. This process is also used for draining off pressurized casing fluids and add test points or various sensors such as temperature and pressure sensor. 

Cold Tapping normally perform on live pipeline / tank without the need to perform any welding or hot work. Hot Tapping/ Cold Tapping is an inherently dangerous operation. Each tapping should be properly designed, tapping location thoroughly inspected and the installation procedures reviewed.

IPRO Engineering proud to deliver quality Hot/ Cold tapping services with professional advice and supports.

Our Hot / Cold Tapping Capabilities:

→ Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, PE Pipe, Ductile and Cast Iron Pipe

→ Pipe Diameter: Up to 48 inch

→ Pipe Medium: Chilled Water, Hot Water, Condenser Water, Compressed Air, Fuel, Oil based solvent and etc.

→ Operation Pressure: Up to 1,440 psi

→ Operation Temperature: Up to 300°C

→ Industry: Building, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Semi-Conductor, Green Room, Food Industry and etc

→ Region: Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia